Today the smallest Canary Island is still a rural idyll, and the approx. 10,000 inhabitants treat strangers in an attentive and friendly manner.
Following historic goat trails, hikers can traverse the entire island and encounter pristine nature wherever they go. And the roads on the island are in very good condition, making them ideal for wonderful and very diverse bicycle tours, with steep gradients or flat terrain on the plateau, depending on individual tastes.

The houses presented here are located on the eastern side of the island near Tamaduste, with its pleasant climate and large rocky swimming cove; along the high, densely wooded southern slope near El Pinar; in the fertile Golfotal on the north side of the island; and on the plateau with its pasture land and idyllic hiking trails. Those in search of rest and relaxation will find a very clear situation in El Hierro and magnificent views across the ocean and into the great expanse.

El Hierro by bicycle: Diashow of 14 daily trips

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