Frequently asked questions

When planning what could be the most wonderful days in the year, a few questions always come up. We have collected and answered the most important ones here. Should you have any additional questions or recommendations, we would be happy to assist you by telephone.




How do we find the house?

For every house, there is a meeting point where the owner will await you and accompany you to the house and show you everything you need to know.

And how do matters proceed following our booking?

We send you an extensive confirmation with all other details regarding how you find the destination, the contact details of the owner and the payment conditions.

From which age onward are children charged as extra persons?

We broker houses in accordance with the respective provisions of the owners. With most of the houses, children are charged as extra persons as of the age of 4.

How do we find our rental car and how do we pay for it?

The car is handed over to you at the airport or at the harbour, we will send you detailed information with the confirmation.
The payment is made in its entirety on site, please pay cash. Credit card payment is possible but only in the office in Los Llanos.

Is Saturday the day of moving in?

You can move in on any day of the week.

Do the house owners speak German?

La Palma is still very undeveloped from a tourist perspective and, as a result, hardly any German or English is spoken. However, you can also communicate without speaking the same language. Many friendships that have grown between guests and their hosts bear testimony to this. The people on the Canary Islands are very attentive and take the time to understand you.

Can I only rent by the week?

No, as long as you stay for a minimum of 5 days, you can stay for as many days as you wish.

Questions on La Palma


Where is it particularly beautiful?

The majority of the houses are located in the so-called "Medianas". This refers to the medium altitude hillsides with terraced fruit and vegetable cultivation and a breathtaking ocean view. Here in the "Medianas" it is most beautiful!

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Where are the beaches on La Palma?

The island does have a number of different beaches where year-round swimming is possible. These beaches are located centrally on the western side in Tazacorte and centrally on the eastern side below Mazo, they are beaches of fine black sand. But year-round swimming is also possible when the sea is calm on the large pristine coastal strips and coves around the southern tip, as well as at the beaches of Puerto Naos.

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This island is small. Doesn't this mean that you can get from one side to the other quickly?

La Palma is only approx. 50 km long and 20 km wide. Yet the island is a steep mountain in the ocean and, due to the myriad of gorges and valleys, La Palma has an astoundingly large surface with a fantastic diversity of landscapes. Therefore the distances on this "small" island are very great, e.g. from the east to the west requires more than an hour by car, and from the southern tip right up to the north, at least 2.5 hours by car. For this reason, we recommend that the hikers among our guests, in particular, change their location once and spend one week in the east and one in the west, for example. The areas on La Palma are so varied that a change in location can result in discovering an entirely different world of experience.

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Where can I go diving?

In Fuencaliente and in Mazo. It is possible to snorkel throughout the island, with the exception of the north during the winter months.

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