Dear La Palma friends

Dear friends of country living on the Canary Islands!

On this website, we would like to introduce you to hand-picked private holiday homes of local owners on La Palma, Tenerife and El Hierro, including a large number of houses that have been restored within the context of the local TURISMO RURAL pilot project. A detailed description of this project idea and the specific features of these houses can be found under the corresponding menu item.

We have represented the majority of the owners for 20 years already; we know and love these houses and their locations – particularly because of their diversity. During this time, we have attracted many regular guests, who return time and again. This is also due to the beauty of the mountainous islands, where hiking and swimming, relaxation and cultural discoveries can be combined. For us, the appeal is found not only in the abundance of flowers, the hospitality of the people, the climate and the unique light of the Canary Islands, but also in the original purity of life in the countryside. Traditional festivals are still cultivated and, even in the smallest of villages, cultural objects are found in churches and old houses. It is a great joy discovering this abundance for yourself without outside help and coming into contact with very laid-back and warm-hearted people who still live in close connectedness with nature.

The green island of La Palma has particularly diverse scenery. Due to the mountain ridge, which runs from the north to the south, and the incredible altitude of the island (up to 2500 m), completely different climate and vegetation conditions developed within the smallest of spaces under the influence of the trade winds.

Because of this, it definitely is worthwhile taking a look at the regional descriptions on the island map, which will help you decide whether you would prefer to spend your holiday in the volcanic south or rather in the forested areas of the north, etc., or possibly even both, by changing locations at some point! You can go hiking on the entire island: more than 1,000 km of the former connecting paths and goat trails have been cleaned and signposted.

On La Palma, half of the population (approx. 30,000 people) still lives in rural areas.  Thus La Palma has remained an island for locals, and tourism leads a marginal existence. It is virtually only found in the form of individual tourism, which the Palmeros warmly welcome.

We now invite you to explore the islands and the beautiful Canary Island architecture on our website…